Safe Sea stops stings from jellyfish & sea lice!

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Safe Sea
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Safe Sea SPF 30

A painful jellyfish sting can ruin your trip to the beach!

Why take the chance?  Safe Sea is a convenient and effective way to protect your family from jellyfish, sea lice, sea nettles, and most other ocean stingers!

Available with or without sunscreen
Sensitive skin formula for kids
The only product of its kind!
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Jellyfish After Sting

**NEW** Jellyfish After Sting® gel!

Instantly soothes and relieves painful stings from jellyfish & sea lice.  Specially formulated easy-to-apply gel formula takes out the sting, redness, and swelling on contact.  

It's the perfect companion to Safe Sea - throw a bottle in your beach bag just in case!

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Offer Safe Sea® protection to your customers!

Have a surf, dive, or specialty shop near the beach?  Safe Sea sting protection lotion is a high demand product that would be a perfect addition to your product selection.
Safe Sea sting protection for divers
Reliable, cost-effective sting prevention for divers
Safe Sea for kids
Protect children from sea lice & sun at the beach
Safe Sea for water sports
Waterproof , long lasting protection for water sports
Take Safe Sea on your next cruise!
Take Safe Sea along on your next cruise or vacation
Safe Sea® jellyfish sting prevention lotion is manufactured by Nidaria, Inc.